This Is How To Use a Modified B&G Bulb Duster To Place Maxforce Granular Bait In Hard To Reach Areas

Dealing with German cockroaches is not easy as they tend to stay in the access points, voids and gaps of your kitchen. The good news is that a B&G Bulb Duster is the best way to get bait into those hard to reach places under or behind kitchen cabinets and appliances such as your fridge. On today’s edition, we are use a modified B&G Bulb Duster to deal with German roaches. Our product of choice to deal with American roaches or German Roaches is MaxForce Complete granular Insect Bait. Find these products available at the links below. Tune in.

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Maxforce Complete Insect Bait

B&G Bulb Duster

1/4 inch hose…

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