What does an exterminator cost in Miami

exterminator cost

Ant and Cockroach Control Cost

A residential eco friendly pest control cockroach exterminator cost for a single family home, condo or apartment with no contract and with an eco friendly approach that will not contaminate your food, dishes, or cookware.

With our new targeted ant and roach pest control service we can offer you a premium service to remove your pests at a lower cost than most other pest control companies without a contract.

A cockroach pest control cost or onetime roach exterminator cost is based on the type of ant or roach you may have whether it’s a German Cockroach or American Cockroach infestation and to the level of infestation you are experiencing in the structure and may require additional service trips at an additional cost.

We offer an affordable roach control service onetime no contract ant or roach extermination of is for a 1 bedroom apartment, a kitchen and 1 bathroom treated with granular and/or gel baits to control and prevent roaches for up to 3 months.

This pest control for ghost ants, crazy ants and white footed ants, German cockroaches and American cockroaches only for a onetime initial pest control service. Excludes additional service such as attic or crawl space service which are at an additional cost.

All follow up visits for heavy ant and cockroach infestations are at $85 per visit.

This service excludes carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, big headed ants, tawny crazy ants.

Our normal pest control price in Miami for single family home with our bimonthly pest control and prevention exterior only service with a free interior service if you ever experience a pest problem indoors. In order to reduce pesticide pollution indoors we avoid spraying chemicals indoors. This is after an initial pest control service to remove the pest from your home.

A fumigation cost is relative to the size and type of structure you may have and fumigation might be a term used interchangeably to refer to an exterminator but it is a an industry term for the use of fumigants or gasses in a tenting service for the control of termites, if this is the case we do not provide tenting service for termites please contact a company that provides those types of services.

Why do we put our pest control prices upfront and demand an inspection?

It’s simple an inspection and an estimate will cost as much as the service in order to cover the cost most pest control companies have to charge you twice as much to cover the trip charge and the sales commissions we can save you up to 65% right over the phone.

With 10 years of experience we know what it takes to control your pest problems we can save the time and save you the money.

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