Due to the large use of spam filters in email programs, a lot of our customers have complained that they are not getting our emailed invoices and finding them in their spam folders so we created a new invoicing system. If you don’t get your invoice you can’t pay it.

Past Due Invoice
Past Due Invoice

Email cuts our cost drastically, have you seen the cost of stamp lately and we have to drive to the post office pick up the payments, key them into the computer and drive to the bank to deposit them. However a lot of our customers enjoy the ability to pay online and that save us both time and money and decreases error since our software is linked to the online payment system there is no errors on applying payments to accounts.

To avoid these problems and satisfy our clients we have instituted a new procedure.
We will mail all customer their invoice for all services rendered with a return envelope and pay stub so you can mail your payments in.

We will send all our customers a weekly email payment reminder with an online payment capability so you can pay from anywhere. Please continue to check your spam folders.

To save yourself the trouble of making the payment, we will institute an auto pay system for all monthly premium customers so they can enjoy more to time in the garden they paid for. More on this as we set it up.

Now almost everyone is happy, except the customer that would to pay me in person would like it if I stop by next week. Sorry we can’t do that one but we appreciate the gesture.

Thank you for being our customer!


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