How To Select A Home Insect Control Service That Works

When you have a pest problem you want a home insect control service to solve it quickly and with the least hassle.

home insect control service

Home insect control service basics

If you choose to DIY do it yourself pest control there are a couple basics you need to follow.

Get a positive identification, a wrong identification will not allow you to get the control you desire, real professional pest control technicians are highly trained to identify pests correctly.

Once you have identified the pest the next step is to understand the insect biology. Insect biology is a must because it allows you to understand where the insect lives so you can target that area and avoid contaminating your entire home putting pesticide where the pest is not and not putting exactly where it is.

Knowing when and where the insect lays its eggs and how long does it take for those eggs to hatch will give you an idea of how long it will actually take for you to get control. If a roach lays eggs in cracks you place the product in cracks if it takes 60 days for eggs to hatch and the product only lasts 30 days you know you have to do a follow up in 60 days to get control.

Simply applying a pesticide is not pest control, you can kill many pests and never achieve control.

The best source for insect identification and biology is your local state university entomology department.

When looking for local exterminators you should have all the facts in hand, the id and the biology and ask if they can’t tell you what you have and the biology, any competent and trained local exterminators can answer those questions. If they can’t answer them find another that can. IPM trained technicians can correctly identify pests and know their behaviors, feeding, breeding and living habits to target, kill and control that pest with the least contamination.

Exterminator prices for a home insect control service can vary greatly from company to company depending on what level of service and expertise they offer.
A onetime spray service will vary greatly from a complete integrated pest management and prevention that uses reduced risk products such as baits and natural pest control which includes trapping, sealing, exclusion, treatment follow-ups, and monitoring. Since most pest problems cannot be solved with a single service you may have to pay per call.

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