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Holistic Bed Bug Service

Don’t let the bed bugs bite with the most effective Holistic bed bug service.

Unsure if you have bed bugs? We provide pest inspection as checking for bed bugs can be difficult for most since they have never seen a bedbug. Our unique, organic compliant bedbug control system treats your bedrooms and seating areas with a novel product that targets the bed bugs without the need to get rid of your mattress and contaminate your sleeping surfaces at an affordable price that will let you sleep at night. Give us a call today, and sleep tight tonight.

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Bedbugs Transmission of Diseases

The EPA, USDA and the CDC have declared bed bugs as a public health pest.

Although 27 viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and parasitic worms have been found in bed bugs, None of the agents are known to reproduce or multiply within the bed bug. Very few are known to live for any length of time inside a the bed bug.

There is no scientific evidence that bed bugs transmit hepatitis B virus and HIV, the virus that causes AIDS through bites or through the infected feces

Bed bugs are blood feeding pests causing irritating itchy bites to humans that can lead to skin infections and blistering soars.

Bed bugs are not known to attack pests since there flat bodies cannot navigate through the pets hair easily.

The recent bed bug epidemic can be linked to increase world travel, the resistance to most insecticides, the lack of knowledge and experience and training in dealing with bedbugs by both home owners, hospitality personnel and even pest management professionals attempting to treat bedbugs as most other common household pests with infective practices.

When it comes to bedbug control there is no quick chemical fix, however there are effective control protocols and strategies to get control of bedbugs with both chemical and non-chemical integrated pest management procedures.

Bed bugs are hard to find and identify without knowing what you are looking for, because of their small size and their habit hiding. In order to confirm bed bug infestations you have to be able to identify bed bugs in their various life stages egg, and all the moltings they have.

Identifying Bed Bugs

An adult bed bugs is about ¼ inch long, oval-shaped body, reddish-brown, and without wings.

They have a very flat bodies with long, slender legs and antennae. They have a long beak called a proboscis that extends forward to take a blood meal.

The immature life cycle of a bed bug is known as a larvae or nymphs they will closely resemble the adult bed bug but are smaller and less pigmented than an adult bed bug.

Signs Your Room Has Bed Bugs Main
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The Bed Bug Life Cycle

A Bed bug develops from an egg to an adult via through gradual metamorphosis.

Bed Bugs have five larval stages which each one requiring a blood meal in order to molt into the next life cycle stage. Both the male and female adult bed bugs feed on blood and will take repeated blood meals during their lives. Females require blood meals for the development of eggs.

It takes about one month under favorable conditions of temperature and humidity as well as host from which to draw flood from a bed bug will complete five larval stages.

The larvae can survive inside cracks, crevices and voids home and businesses for several months without the need of a blood meal, but they cannot molt into the next life cycle stage until they have a blood meal which only take 3 to 10 minutes feed every 3 to4 days.

Bed bugs detect the carbon dioxide emitted from people and respond to warmth and moisture as they come near a potential host. Bed bugs tend to feed on exposed surfaces of humans such as the face, neck, arms, and hands. Bed bug bites are painless and people typically do not wake up while bed bugs are feeding but later they become itchy swollen welts.

Adults can also survive for longer periods of time without a blood meal however they cannot develop eggs until they feed on blood. An average female bed bug can lay about 500 eggs in her lifetime.

If you suspect you have bed bugs contact us for a free pest control quote over the phone or to enquire about our Complete Bed Bug Control Program.

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