Figuring Out IPM With Janet Hurley Extension Program Specialist @Texas AgriLife.

On today’s edition, guest Janet Hurley (ACE, MPA Extension Program@Texas A&M AgriLife Extension) gives us a definitive view of IPM’s holistic nature. We discuss integrated pest management as a strategy that relies on accurate identification and scientific knowledge of target pests, pest infestation, reliable monitoring methods to assess pest presence, preventative measures to limit pest problems, and thresholds to determine when corrective control measures are needed. We discuss the scope of IPM, whenever it is economical and practical, multiple control tactics can be used to achieve best control of pests. These tactics may possibly include, but are not limited to, the judicious use of pesticides. Among other topics discussed, we get into biological assessment, anaphylactic shock, the evolving language of IPM. One of today’s takeaways is that there is no legal definition for IPM. Not even the EPA has one. Tune in!

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