The cheapest pest control at what price

The cheapest pest control at what price

In tough economic times people with lowest means suffer more from pest problems than the those who can afford a premium pest control service so they settle for the cheapest pest control at what price.
The cheapest pest control at what price

There are many do it yourself pest control blogs, some are professionals like me that have done it and have been faced with the most difficult pest challenges, others are amateurs looking for a way to sell affiliate products and advertising who have never taken a course on professional pest management and have never had to actually perform the services they are writing about, pretending to teach you how you can perform your own pest control service very cheap when compared to a premium IPM Integrated Pest Management Program but applying these professional pesticides incorrectly can add substantial cost to your health and the well being of your family.

Pesticide toxicity is so dangerous not because it can kill you immediately but because you can get intoxicated over a long period of time. Most people don’t see the risk because of the erroneous assumption that if you can buy it over the counter or they will sell it to you it can’t be that bad. The #1 way to put you and others at risk is to assume the product is safe and misapply it.

Acute toxicity can happen in an instant by ingesting a lethal dose, this is why all chemical labels say “keep out of reach of children”, a child can ingest a lethal dose of a concentrate much easier than an adult because of their body weight, as per the LD50 Lethal Dose 50%, a 185 pound male can absorb more of a lethal dose than a 25 pound child can so a child needs much less to have acute toxicity.

What is the ”Signal Word”

“Caution” “Warning” “Danger” A product with a Caution label has a lower Acute Toxicity than a product with the Signal Word Danger which can kill you in very low quantities.

How do pesticides it get into your body

Orally, Inhaled or through the skin, most acute toxicity happened because it was ingested accidentally or applied without the proper protection equipment like a respirator and inhaled, lastly toxicity occurs through the skin by exposure to a highly toxic chemical or over time with a less toxic one.

The liability is all on you

Retailers and manufactures have little to no liability in selling you a professional product or over the counter product since all the instructions, precautions are on the label and the user assumes all the liability, but those labels assume you are a professional trained exterminator that understands all the lingo and have been trained to use it or that you will even read it.

If you misapply the product you are liable under Federal law and could be fined and go to jail or both. The term on the label “it is a violation of Federal Law to use this product inconsistent with its label” meaning if you do not read and understand the label and use the pesticide in a way that is not directed or in other words as you please and someone gets injured you could be brought up on charges. So it’s on you it’s all on you.

In most states applying a pesticide to a place of business, office building, restaurant, apartment building or work place is illegal and requires a licence. Label requirements are much stricter in commercial food environments than in homes.

In order to provide yourself the safest and effective pest control possible, read the entire label before applying any pesticide, follow label directions exactly as written, use all the recommended personal protection equipment listed, do not apply the product in any way that it does not say, store and dispose of empty containers in the manner the label specifies.

If you cannot afford an annual pest control contract there are many companies that provide affordable one time pest control services.

Pest control professional must comply with State, Federal and local Municipalities laws and restrictions so they are trained on the statutes where they conduct their service as well as training on how to comply with the label which is the law anywhere.

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