Can Organic Lawn Garden Spray Help Restore the Health of My Drought-Stricken Lawn?

Organic lawn garden spray can be a potential solution for troubleshooting dry patches in lawn caused by drought. These specially formulated sprays can help restore the health of your lawn by providing essential nutrients and moisture, promoting grass growth, and reviving the lush green appearance of your yard.

Natural organic lawn garden spray service

If you are looking for a 100% OMRI listed natural organic lawn garden spray service that’s fits with your healthy lifestyle to help protect your family, pets, lawn and plants from most insects and disease then look no further than NaturePest. Our unique approach to managing pests and diseases in lawns and landscapes gives you a triple advantage. Natural Organic Lawn Garden Spray A 100% organic natural using all OMRI certified products to people, pests and plants form hundreds of insects including mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and fire ants the produce painful stings and transmit disease like Zika, Lyme Disease, and Heartworms. Not only that but they can also be used on your fruit trees, vegetable and herb garden to protect them from insects like Aphids, Mealybugs, Mites, Rust, mites, Spider, mites, Scales, Whiteflies, Beetle Larvae, Weevil Larvae, and Grubs, Chinch Bug, Lygus Bugs, Stink Bugs, Armyworms, Bollworms, Budworms, Caterpillars, Fruitworms, Loopers, Webworms, Chafers, Mole Cricket, Mormon Cricket, Black Cutworm, Citrus Cutworm, Climbing Cutworm, Western Bean Cutworm, and Variegated Cutworm, Nematodes, Squash Bugs, Thrips and diseases such as Alternaria, Anthracnose, Early blight, Leaf blight, Botrytis Greasy spot, Leaf spot Downy mildew, Post-bloom fruit drop, Powdery mildew, Molds, Scabs, Rusts, and Shothole. 3 in 1 solution with the use of OMRI listed natural oils and insect growth regulators to kill insects on contact, repel insects and disrupt their lifecycle from egg, larva, pupae and adults preventing them from becoming mature reproductive adults, using surfactants allow the natural products stick to leave surfaces allowing natural longevity and residual as well as allowing natural fertilizers to penetrate leaf cuticles for better absorption, and protecting leafe surfaces from fungus, disease and mold. Natural organic fertilizers without the use of bio solids and waste using potassium humate, natural L-amino acids, simple & complex sugars, vitamins, kelp extracts, enzymes, carbohydrates, natural wetting agents, natural biostimulants and hydrolyzed organic proteins.