You wont see an exterminator spraying pesticides in hospitals.

Have you ever wondered how a hospital surgical room remains sterile, free from pests, the diseases they spread and from the toxic contamination of pesticides? You wont see an exterminator spraying pesticides in hospitals.
You wont see an exterminator spraying pesticides in hospitals.

You wont see an exterminator spraying pesticides in hospitals.

I’m going to share with you the most guarded pest control industry secret.
Chemical spraying is not pest control; this is the cheapest and most toxic service you can have.

It will contaminate your floors, food surfaces and air. On top of that it will never remove your pest problem.

This is why baseboard pesticide spray are banned in hospitals, schools, airports, and cruise ships and all government facilities. So why do you allow it in your home?

There is a better more effective less toxic solution for your pest problems.
The solution hospitals use is called IPM or Integrated Pest Management, unlike traditional pest control IPM focuses on how pests got in and how to prevent them thorough an understanding individual pest biology. How, when, and where pests eat, nest, bread, and socialize so that we can prevent and solve pest problems with minimal use of pesticides.

So why haven’t I heard of IPM before?
IPM Requires a high level of training and most pest control people and companies don’t want to train themselves or their technicians, they don’t understand it, therefore don’t want you to know about it.

Yet IPM is taught by a every major state university such as The University of Florida Entomology, and is the only method recommended by the EPA, CDC, USDA, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, American Veterinary Association, U.S Military and the American Academy of Pediatrics for its effectiveness and reduced toxicity.

The best IPM program is now available to everyone.
After 3 years in the pest control industry I realized that cheep toxic chemical spraying in homes was not only unhealthy, ineffective but wrong.

We have developed an IPM program for residential and commercial clients’ that rivals any top level facility program with no contract at an affordable price, making it accessible to everyone.

Don’t settle for cheep toxic pesticide sprays any longer, for a free no obligation consultation over the phone give us a call.

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