Sprinkler System Fertilizer & Pest Control Fertigation System

Natural organic fertilizing and pest control is better for you, your garden and your planet but it can be an expensive and laborious task, the secret is an automated sprinkler system fertilizer & Pest Control fertigation system .

A Fertigation sytem is not a new idea, it’s been used for decades to manage nutrients, pH and pests in farms and nurseries by injecting fertilizers and pesticides directly into the irrigation system.

It solves the two major problems of organic natural fertilizing and pest control. The frequent applications of bulky fertilizer and the frequent spraying of natural insecticides as, this is a very labor intensive proposition providing efficiency and effectiveness.

A fertigation system reduces the amount of nitrogen and other nutrients required with less leaching, because of the slow feeding process allowing plants to take up more available nutrients more effectively, and unlike granular fertilizer that can burn plants our liquid formulation can be taken up by the plants though the foliage.

Natural insect control in lawns, gardens and homes is much desired today but because the nature of natural products not lasting long periods of time like synthetic pesticides they require a more frequent application to be effective when compared to synthetic pyretroids or neonicatonoids this can mean a bi-weekly application vs a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly spray service. Costing 2 to 3 times more makes inaccessible to most home owners, developments and municipalities. An automated fertigation system makes it cost effective.

The second problem is providing an effective fertilizer that is earth friendly can be very costly because natural fertilizer don’t last and need to be re-applied frequently on a monthly basis, when compared to synthetic fertilizers that are slow release with sulfur coated or polymer coated urea in order to last up to 3 months.

Second synthetic fertilizer can contaminate ground and surface waters by leeching into the ground appearing in lakes, bays and streams causing algae blooms making states, counties and municipalities to impose fertilizer restriction in Florida and around the country.

Local governments are requiring that anyone that perform fertilizing be trained, certified and licensed causing many landscapers to stop fertilizing because of the burden these restrictions impose on them, since fertilizers are bulky and heavy requiring hundreds of pounds per home and is labor intensive to apply, purchasing, delivering and installing fertilizer is very costly and because space on landscape trucks is limited its not worth it to landscapers to fertilize.

Most home owners do not know the appropriate amount of fertilizer or type of fertilizer to apply to, lawns, palms, trees and shrubs so they either under fertilizer not getting the results they desire or over fertilize unnecessarily applying more fertilizer than is required wasting money and contributing to to groundwater polution.

The affordable eco friendly solution is an automatic sprinkler system fertilizer & pest control fertigation system.

With fertigation you can apply an environmentally responsible fertilizer with much better nutrients you can’t get in a bag of synthetic fertilizers. Fertigation reduces the peaks and valleys of traditional fertilizer either because of the nitrogen and micro nutrient release rates or the infrequency of fertilizer application, fertigation provides a steady micro feeding of nutrients to the landscape.

With our proprietary blend of macro nutrients of ultra low nitrogen with phosphorus and potassium and EDTA-chelated micro-nutrients like Boron, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Zinc, complex carbohydrates, humic and fulvic acids, natural plant extracts, kelp and molasses, this is not fertilizing this is super nutrition for your landscape.

The right formulation to increases fertilizer efficiency and help prevent nutrient tie-up in the soil helping to keep applied nutrients more available to crops, improving nitrogen uptake efficiency, helping to keep nutrients in the root feeding zone, improving the availability of applied nutrients and better water management requirement less water by enzymatic hydrolysis, increased nutrient uptake during naturally stressful growth periods and allowing plants to resume natural growth following growing stresses.

Our fertilizer blend and be applied to cool and warm season grasses, trees, shrubs, woody ornamentals and bedding plants. No burning because it does not have salts that can accumulate in soils.

Plus the added benefit of natural pest and disease control with natural plant extracts such as garlic oil, peppermint oil, thyme oil, clove oil, which can control ants, roaches, fleas , mosquitoes, fly’s, ticks, chinch bugs, grubs and many other insect pests without the need for synthetic insecticides automatically applied a couple of times per week in small doses.

Our automated sprinkler system fertilizer & pest control fertigation system can safely be installed in both well and municipal water supplies equipped with irrigation timers.