Retail Store Mall Shopping Center Pest Control Miami

In retail your image and the safety of your customers and associates protecting them from pests and diseases is of the utmost importance. Retail stores, malls and shopping Centers pest control is vital because malls and retail stores are a prime target for pest due the amount of product coming into stores with unknown chain of custody.

Our IPM Integrated Pest Management Program focuses on the three most important parts of controlling pests Inspection, exclusion and preventive exterior treatments especially in high pressure areas such as dumpsters, bathrooms and walkways protecting the exterior perimeter and entry points.

Pest Monitoring and Reporting

By continually inspect, monitor and report pest problems to management we can develop a collaborative prevention strategy to reduce harborage sites where pests and bread and spread. As well as reporting deficiencies in housekeeping and repairs that may contribute to pest problems.
Pest Control Methods.

Roaches, ants, rodents and flies are the major pests of retail shopping centers by utilizing reduced risk and exempt products such as baits, dusts, monitors, stations and lamps on the inside and residual sprays, rodent bait stations and baits on the outside we can protect the property, people and pets form pests and pesticide exposure.

Reducing Pesticide Exposure

By utilizing IPM, Reduced Risk and Exempt natural products along with exclusion, sanitation, monitoring and inspection and by performing procedures like crack, crevice, spot and void treatments we can dramatically reduce pesticide exposure and improve air quality inside of retail stores environments and protect patrons from coming in contact with products outside mall shopping and common areas .

A complete list of MSDS is available to management to inform them of the products being used in the facility.

Facilities we service

  • Malls
  • Shopping Centers
  • Retail Stand Alone
  • Restaurants and Food Service
  • Schools and Daycare
  • Medical
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Organic Facilities
  • LEED Building
  • Government Facilities
  • Municipalities