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Organic Certified Pest Control ServicesNaturePest is the only pest control company in Miami and South Florida with three 100% Natural & Organic Certified Pest Control Services With OMRI Certified Products, no other company can claim that.

We have the certificates and labels to prove it!

1.) Natural Mosquito Control with 25b EPA Exempt product that controls mosquitoes better than synthetic pesticides, with 90% reduction for up to 21 days.

2.) Natural plant pest control for your garden with better control for even tough to control pests like whiteflies on Ficus that with synthetic parathyroid sprays. With organic fertilizers and fungicides maintain and protect your garden from deficiencies and diseases. We are the only pest control company that provides organic fruit tree care.

3.) Natural Flea & Tick Control with proprietary botanical and essentials oil blends to control both fleas and ticks that are just as effective as synthetic blends.

10 years of research and field trials have allowed us to be South Florida’s Natural and Organic Pest Control Leader.