Changes To Services

For the last 12 years, we have prided ourselves in providing you the highest quality Natural & Organic ECO-Friendly Pest Control Service you have come to love and expect. In order to continue that great tradition, we have to make changes.

Our 3 Main Focuses

Provide a safer and effective pest control service.
Provide a timely preventive service.
Respond immediately to a pest problem when it arises.

We have 2 choices

1. Do what every other pest control company does. Send untrained employees, buy cheap products and do high volume low quality work.
2. Do what you want, send you highly trained technicians, give you premium products with a high quality personalized attention you deserve.

We agree with our customers, we chose #2!

In order to attract, hire, train and retain the best employees we have pay them above average wages with benefits and offer a work life balance, while continuing to provide you the highest quality safer products and services you expect. We must raise our prices. The fact is we have not raised our prices since the economy collapsed in 2009, yet we have had our cost rise every year.

We cannot and will not compete with illegal, low quality and big box volume companies. That’s not what our customers want; our customers love and appreciate quality and service.

Fact: Natural, organic product, protocols and procedures cost 300% to 600% more than spraying cheap synthetic pesticides inside and outside.

Beginning June 1, 2018


All routine and preventive services will be performed Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. WE DO NOT CALL to schedule these services in advance. We will notify you by text and or email when the technician is in route, on site and when service is complete. Invoices are emailed and mailed.

Customers with locked gates we will provide at NO CHARGE a combination lock or lock box for a key which we alone have access too.
Customers that live in Gated Communities will have to place us on an authorized list.

A $45 additional trip fee will be assessed if we show up to perform service and gates are locked or turned away.


· All billing and scheduling will be automated. WE DO NOT BILL at time of service.
· Customers with multiple invoices for multiple services will be converted to a monthly price.
· You may get your bill before we perform the service, all our customers have 30 days to pay their bill.
· A price increase of 3% annually will be automatic on all accounts; all new accounts have 12-month price protection.
· Invoices are generated automatically every month emailed and mailed, with weekly email reminders.
· We will asses a late fee of $10 after 30 days. We will suspend all service after 60 days past due.


Due to the difficulty of scheduling and performing services and the fact that some pests cannot be prevented, because we do not have control of the entire structure will be at a cost of $85 per service with a quarterly service agreement, without service agreement the cost will be $135 per service. We cannot offer any guarantee, warranty or free re-service for re-infestations.


To help you get the best results we provide FREE irrigation inspections, seasonal timer, head and nozzle adjustment at no charge at time of service. If they are changed act we can offer a re-calibration for $65. At no time are we responsible the design, maintenance, repair or operation of your irrigation system.

It is your landscaper’s responsibility to know how to sharpen his blade, mow at the right height, sterilizer their equipment, trim, prune, mulch, apply weed killer, select, and install correctly.

We will NOT provide any additional applications of any product or warranty any service nor are be responsible to correct any wrong caused by landscaper malpractice.

We can provide training and consultation for your landscaper by our in-house horticulturist and master gardener at $125 per hour. Additional applications are at an additional cost equal to your standard price.


At NaturePest we work as a competent service team. We will assign one or more technicians to your property depending on service specialty.


Kind Regards,

Franklin Hernandez, CEO