You want to enjoy your back yard in Miami everyday but mosquitoes makes impossible and the constant spraying of pesticides is unhealthy for your family and the environment, we offer a non toxic mosquito control misting system that gives you around the clock protection in Miami and Broward.

Not all misting systems, service and chemical are the same.

Some claim to be all natural using pyrethrum an extract of the chrysanthemum flower but pyrethrums are not eco friendly they can contaminate bodies of water and kill fish, so if you have a coy pond or lake near by federal, state and municipalities may put restriction on how many feet from the water you can install a misting system. They can also kill beneficial and pollinators.

For this reason does not endorse mosquito misting systems and it is why we have not either until now.

Unlike barrier sprays that produce temporary reduction for up to 21 days of control a mosquito misting system offers around the clock 24/7 reduction of mosquitoes on your property.

Misting systems are not plug and play set it and forget it pieces of equipment, they have annual maintenance service that have to performed from the cleaning out of the tank, lines and nozzles because of mineral and mold build up.

Most natural products damage seals causing leaks and damaging pumps. They must be refilled with filtered water to prevent mineral build up in the nozzles.

Misting Systems are expensive, they are manufactured all over the country and resold through distributors to installers an they are bulky which means they have to be shipped by freight companies which adds hundreds of dollars to cost of the unit.

Our non toxic mosquito misting system solve all three problems No toxicity, No Aquatic Setback, Lower Cost of Ownership.

Our product Is safe around aquatics and fish, people and pests, no stickiness or staining. Unlike pyrethrum it is EPA Fifra 25b exempt, there is no skin, eye or inhalant toxicity and odorless with no fumes.

By using a product that is all natural, cleans and protects your tank, lines and nozzles, reducing maintenance costs no tank cleaning or rinsing necessary, no filter changes necessary.

Unlike other mosquito control companies that buy, ship and resells the unit. We build our own systems locally so we can offer a better service with lower initial cost of ownership.

Our Mosquito Misting System can be used in and around Residential Properties in Miami Dade, Country Clubs, Golf Courses, Restaurants, Barns & Horse, Stables, Animal Shelters, Day Care Facilities, Food Processing Plants, Parks And Recreation, Playgrounds, Athletic Fields, Schools and Pools.

This is truly a win, win, win toxic non mosquito control misting system for you, the environment and your wallet.