how to mouse proof your house with Xcluder

How to mouse proof your house with Xcluder

How to mouse proof your house with Xcluder Rodent proofing is one of the most efficient, effective and least toxic methods of preventing rats and mice from entering your property.

Xcluder is a no-rust stainless steel material used to fill holes and cracks to prevent rats, mice and pests from entering homes, buildings, apartments and other facilities.

Xcluder is preferred by Pest Management Professionals for rodent exclusion services.

Xcluder is the most efficient and effective tool pest management professionals can use for exclusion services. Xcluder Fill Fabric brings ease of installation with the most cost effective exclusion material to the industry compared to copper mesh.

For more information on the effectiveness of Xcluder for Rodent Proofing see the links bellow.

Xcluder 3 strip 1X4 Click Here

XCLUDER™ is permanent and “Eco-Friendly”. It is a proven barrier against rodents, bed bugs, birds, bats and other pests.
The Xcluder comes in strips 1 ft. x 4 ft. It is an easy-to-handle pest management product for residential and commercial use. It is designed to block possible entryways from damaging snakes, rodents and insects.

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how to mouse proof your house with Xcluder



Excluder Kit

The Xcluder fill fabric strip is best used on hard to reach areas like underneath indoor sinks, around outdoor HVAC pipes, up on the roof line and around chimney flashing.
It will fit any size of a hole, gap, weep hole, crevice or crack.

The kit includes a 4in. x 3ft. roll of Xcluder fabric, safety gloves, and scissor

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if you are experiencing a rodent problem you cannot control yourself please give us call to schedule a rodent control service.

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