How Foul Odors Will Lead To Pest Problems

Foul Odors Will Lead To Pest Problems

Ever walk into a place and a smell or foul order hits you this is an indication something is decomposing foul odors will lead to pest problems.
Foul Odors Will Lead To Pest Problems

If you have a restaurant or any type of food service business rotting decomposing matter is all around you, from the lime or food scraps that got pushed into a corner under the stove or fryer that is rotting away to the gunk build up in your floor drains, foul odors coming out of the grease trap that has not been cleaned out in months.

If you can smell it so can pests such as roaches, filth flies and rodents, decomposing rotting matter is a banquet for pests and it will lead to pest problems that can be very difficult to control.

3 Simple Steps You Can Take Every Day

  1. Have your grease trap cleaned out on a regular basis to reduce odors.
  2. Inspect under all equipment every night after cleaning to make sure nothing is left under there.
  3. Place removable strainers in your floor drains to prevent large pieces from going down and clean daily.

In your daily cleaning don’t ignore your floor drains

All that dirty water combined with grease and food particle you are sweeping away is sticking and building up in your floor drains creating a breeding ground for filth flies and roaches.

If you don’t have an Commercial IPM Integrated Pest Management Program in place to treat your drains on a weekly, bi weekly or even on a monthly basis with a Biological cleaner like InVade Bio Cleaner you will one day be dealing a with a problem that can cost you more than you think, from lost customers to hundreds of dollars in cleaning and decontamination fees.

Every week once a week treat your drains with InVade Bio Cleaner and over time it will clean out your drains and floor drains reducing the decomposing and grease build up in your drains, you can also use it to mop your floors removing the buildup of grease in your tile and grout. Insects like roaches will feast on the on all that little crud and breed inside your shop. Once done pour the dirty solution down the drain.

This is a slow process so if you have dirty drains you can use a drain brush to clean it out and then use the bio gel to maintain it, if your drains are very slow you may have so much build up that you will need to call a plumber to clean out all your lines with a high pressure line cleaner.

Performing these simple steps can greatly reduce your pest problems.

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