Avoid having your business shut down for pests

Avoid having your business shut down for pests

Avoid having your business shut down for pests
If you have a restaurant it is inevitable that you will have pests you can Avoid having your business shut down by health department for pests.

Whether you have a standalone location or you are in a strip mall your restaurant will get a insect or vertebrate pest infestation at one time or another, the biggest mistake restaurant owners make is not having a reliable integrated pest management program in place from day one.

Pest control is not a once in a while ill call an exterminator in to kill roaches nor is it monthly spray service. Pest control in a food and beverage business must include an application of products in a way that does not contaminate your food, cooking utensils, surfaces or air.

Inevitably those practices will lead to a serious pest problem causing a food poisoning outbreak with salmonella or E coli that will get you shut down and potentially lead to a law suit or worse yet ruin your reputation and put you out of business all together.

When you do have a pest infestation you assume they can take care of it yourself and attempt to perform your own pest control service not realizing it’s getting out of control very quickly.

Going to the home improvement store and picking up over the counter products to treat the problem yourself can not only lead to the contamination of your surfaces, cooking utensils and food but can be counterproductive to controlling pests causing them to be repelled into walls and ceilings.

A surprise inspection by the health department gets you shut down improper hygiene standards caused by pests for days even weeks until you can get the problem corrected in the meanwhile you are losing money every day you are closed and worse yet your reputation is going in the toilet.

1 German roach can infest your restaurant in a couple of months to the tune of several thousand roaches, with abundant food and water roaches can feed of grease on the walls, scum pushed into corners when mopping and decaying matter down in the floor drains.

Most people think pest control is about pesticides because they see the pest control guy come in with a can of chemical and spray it all over the place and assume that’s pest control when in fact that’s just sloppy chemical spraying which a trained monkey can perform to perfection with enough peanuts and naturally assume anyone can do it and try they do.

Hiring the guy who sprays your home to come in and spray your business can be a very costly mistake because he mighn not have any food service training. Products used in a home have strict restriction when a applying them to “FOOD AREAS”, where food is prepared, or where food is served. Most products are not labeled or allowed in food service areas as a broadcast spray to baseboard the same way they are allowed in your home.

Every pesticide product label will have this on it ”DIRECTIONS FOR USE IT IS A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW TO USE THIS PRODUCT IN A MANNER INCONSISTENT WITH ITS LABELING. USE RESTRICTIONS. Meaning if fail to apply it just as the label says, where it says, how it says, how and often it says you will be in violation of a Federal Law.

You might say who is going to find out, a health inspector by performing a swab analysis on your surfaces to see if there is any pesticide residuals, and if they find one you could be paying a hefty fine in excess of $25,000 and possibly go to jail. You saved $1000 per year by doing it yourself whoopee.

Real pest control professionals are highly trained to deal with hundreds of different pests and have a thorough understanding of pest biology and how the chemistry works to control the pest effectively without contaminating the environment protecting you and your patrons from the health risks associated with pests and the food borne disease like salmonella and E. coli that can lead to food poisoning through constant monitoring, training you.

From roaches to grain weevils and beetles, rodents, house flies, drain flies, moths, ants, four mites, and bed bugs food service professional pest control people have many products and protocols to quickly and effectively control your pest problem.

Most states have strict laws against you performing pest control in a commercial establishment without a license and can lead to hefty fines and even prison for applying a chemical incorrectly and putting the public at risk and exposing them to pesticides in an unlawful manner.

Before things get bad and you loose what you have worked hard for hire an integrated pest management professional that has certifiable experience in commercial pest control to start controlling and preventing a pest problem that can cost you far more than you could ever spend on good pest control.

We at NaturePest focus on controlling and preventing pest problems in food service facilities responsibly with better control and less contamination through integrated pest management.

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