Doing the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do!

It’s not a mantra or trendy statement, it is being driven by our core beliefs and our responsibility to protecting the health of our associates, you and the environment which is of the utmost importance. Our entire business is built around this premise.

The Environment
Protecting Your Environment

Ways we are protecting the environment.

  • Reduced use of pesticides and contact with pesticides indoors improving air quality and preventing contamination protecting the environment.
  • Reduced outdoor tree and shrub spraying which protect beneficial insects and pollinators, reduced spray drift in the air and onto neighbors’ property and bodies of water protecting fish and water quality protecting the environment.
  • Use of fuel efficient, hybrid and electric vehicles to reduce fuel emissions and carbon foot print protecting the environment.
  • Use of reduced risk, EPA minimum risk exempted and organic products to reduce contamination of air, water, and soil protecting the environment.

We are continuously finding ways to be an environmentally sensitive all the while providing consistent predictable results, increased customer satisfaction without charging more for our services. We believe we have a long way to go but we can truthfully say we are getting greener all the time.

NaturePest has strict policies and procedures in place that regulate the use of all our products along with label requirements. If you should need a specific Material Safety Data Sheets for any of the products we use, we will gladly provide you with them.

Whether it’s your home, business, community or municipality we can serve you.
To find out how green we can be for you. Schedule your free consultation today!


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