Upgrade your irrigation system for almost free!

Is your water bill too high because of your outdated irrigation system? Are you irrigating too much, too little or you just don’t know? Get an Irrigation upgrade for almost free.

Upgrade your irrigation system for almost free!
Intermatic Timer T8805P101C Irrigation Timer

When you think of money-saving smart technology your normally don’t think about the latest technology in irrigation, you have the same timer, heads and nozzles for the last 20 years. So What’s New?

With water becoming a scarce resource cities have mandated water restrictions throughout Florida. It is estimated that 50% to 65% of all the water consumed in Florida is used for irrigation and my experience tells me they are right, nobody likes to be told what to do on their own property but mandate or no mandate I have proven it’s not necessary to waste all that water to have a great looking lawn and garden.

What can I do now to conserve water and save money now without spending a red cent.

A huge part of work is not spraying but rather consulting and education, I have customers that used to spend $600 or more on every water bills on a 7,500 square foot lot, because they had their sprinklers on every day, when I asked why is your sprinklers on every day the typical answer, “because there landscapers told them they had to be on every day” or they think that’s what the garden needs when in fact it doesn’t, I have proven to hundreds of customer that I can have their lawn and garden looking spectacular with only watering two days a week.

Why because I know what plants needs, when you give the plant what it needs, when it needs it and how it needs it the plant responds with gratitude by looking spectacular which means my service is almost free, because I show you how you can save over half of your water bill. I manage your landscape for you I manage the water, the pesticide, the fertilizing and I consult you free of charge on the mowing and trimming because the first half of the wow factor is the correct maintenance.

I try to educate clients and landscapers on how to properly perform these services which most of the time goes down as smooth as Chemotherapy, after all who am I to tell them you what to do.

How to get a new system for almost free?

Would you like to upgrade your irrigation system to the latest most efficient and technologically advanced system that knows when and how much water to apply for almost free?

Check out this new system Smart Irrigation Control System from RainBird.

ESP-SMTe Series

Irrigation Upgrade
RainBird Smart Irrigation Control System ESP-SMTe Series

Other Smart Sprinkler Timers claim simplicity and precision; the Rain Bird® ESP-SMTe Smart Control System delivers. Combining the proven simplicity of the Extra Simple Programming (ESP) controller family with the accuracy of weather-based control, this innovative system can now expand up to 22 zones. The ease and speed with which you can program this controller is remarkable. Simply input a few key specifics, such as your zip code, allowed watering days and the plant/soil type for each zone; the ESP-SMTe does the rest. Your irrigation system waters only when the landscape requires it. And you save 30-70% in water.
Check it out at http://www.rainbird.com/landscape/products/controllers/ESP-SMTe.htm

No only if it came in Ferrari Red?

To apply for the program please fill out the application form on the site. Evaluation is FREE

HOA / Large property evaluations

Homeowner associations, condo associations and other large irrigation systems in properties located within Miami-Dade County can participate in this water-saving project. Rebates of up to $2,850 per year are available for homeowner, condo association and large system irrigation retrofits.

Wow an almost free system, free professional consultation and huge utility savings, what more could you ask for! I’m sure you’ll think of something, I know I am.


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