Low Price ECO Friendly Pest Control For Low Income Housing

If you live in Miami Dade in low income housing and are on government assistance, you may qualify for a new Low Price ECO Friendly Pest Control For Low Income Housing.
Low Price ECO Friendly Pest Control For Low Income Housing
All studies show that those without the ability to pay for quality pest control services are those that suffer with the most pest problems, why because if you had the money to pay someone you would have done it already. So you wait on the landlord to do it and it never gets done, you try to do it yourself and you cant get control so you do what most people do, you give up and live with it.

At NaturePest our beliefs wont allow us to continue to ignore this issue and we decided to do something about it.

If you receive any of the following
Food Stamps
SSI Disability
VA Disability

If you reside in Miami Dade County Florida and you live in Low Income Housing HUD Section 8, Then you may qualify for a new IPM Integrated Pest Management program that removes pests from your home with reduced toxicity when compared with toxic chemical baseboard sprays at up to 65% off our affordable German Roach Service.

Our IPM program was developed in conjunction with major university studies that prove IPM is the best choice for controlling pests in public housing while reducing pesticide contamination.

People who live in public housing are at greater risk of allergies and asthma according to the National Institute of Health from roach pest infestation because of the allergens roaches spread through feces, excretions and caucuses.

Being less fortunate doesn’t mean you should have to live with pests and the diseases they spread and tolerate toxic cheap chemical sprays.

This service is a pay per fee service and requires no contract, bill must be paid in cash or credit/debit card no checks or billing is provided.

This service is for individuals in low income housing, for land lords and property managers see our commercial pest control page.