Why 80% of people will never buy a pest control service

Why 80% of people will never buy a pest control service

For 50 years surveys reveal that only 20% of homeowner purchase pest control services, this is Why 80% of people will never buy a pest control service.
Why 80% of people will never buy a pest control service

Pest control service
s have been traditionally purchased by the upper middle class, meaning the top 20% of the money earners in the country.

The bottom 80% have traditionally performed their own pest control services except for when it comes to termites, this has mostly been performed by licensed professionals due to the nature of tenting and using Restricted Use Products like Vicane gas and the monitoring baiting system Sentricon which is only sold to professionals. But even that is changing with the introduction of the once a year preventive service applications of Termidor.

The reality is that no one wants to pay for pest control services which are paid with discretionary dollars, If it comes down to piano lesson or pest control, piano wins hands down. Most people will take their chances that nothing will infest their home that can’t be taken care of with a simple spray and as a pest control professional I would have to agree, unless you are terrified of roaches and can’t go to bed until it is found killed, burned and obliterated. If something drastic like a bedbug infestation does happen then you do what most people do you, you put it on a credit card and pay it off over time.

Since 1999 the wages of middle America has remained stagnant and the buying power of the American consumer has shrunk due to rising inflation, whereas the top 10% are the only ones that have seen a marginal increase and 1% of the income earners have seen an almost 50% increase in their earnings. To borrow a phrase “it’s the economy stupid” This is why we created an affordable eco friendly pest control service with no contracts.

The lower 20% don’t generally purchased pest control products or service because they may live in multi unit dwellings where pest control is provided by the management. But just in case we also created the worlds first affordable eco friendly pest control service for low income housing.

If this trend continues it will be only the top 10% of money earners purchasing pest control service and due to this phenomenon you are seeing the rise of professional pest control products online and over the counter. Which raises many concerns from pest control professionals, educators, and legislators as to the elevated health risk by making accessible professional concentrates to untrained, unlicensed individuals.

Most states permit performing your own pest control to your own single family home, however they can take exception to applying chemicals to public places such as food and beverage, hotel, apartments and warehouses and office buildings where the risk of toxicity and contamination may affect others.

As a professional operator, trainer and educator I believe most pest control problems can be solved with the least toxic and invasive manner possible by implementing the same Integrated Pest Management procedures that we use in our business to control pests in the safest manner possible.

In order to achieve this a fundamental paradigm shift has to occur from the dependence of chemical only control service to a preventive mindset based on proven principles. Chemical alone is not only bad for you and the environment it’s an outright illusion. So our Blog is dedicated to help you perform the safest pest control possible.

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