Organic Pest Control Near Me

If you are looking for an organic pest control company near you look no further than NaturePest South Florida’s Natural and Organic Pest Control Leader.

We offer 6 Natural and Organic Pest Control Services

  • Organic Pest Control
  • Organic Plant Spray
  • Organic Flea Control
  • Organic Tick Control
  • Organic Mosquito Service
  • Organic Lawn Spray

When it comes to Organic Pest Control no one has more experience, NaturePest with over 13 years of research and development of organic pest control in south Florida.

Organic Pest Control

Our unique organic facilities compliant pest control service treats every single home as it if was an organic facility, with no indoor contamination of floors surfaces, and air, protecting little hands and paws from pesticides.

Organic Shrub Spray

For shrubs, plants, and trees to control most of the insect pests that attack your plants like Aphids, Mealybugs, Scale, Thrips, and Whiteflies. Our monthly organic pest control service also helps you protect your plants from diseases.

Organic Flea Control

Our monthly spray service protects your beloved pets from fleas, spraying the yard once a month with a proprietary combination of natural essential oil blends allows us to customize a flea service.

Organic Tick Control

To protect your dog from dog ticks inside the home and outside in the yard with a proprietary blend of botanical essential oils.

Organic Mosquito Service

Utilizing the latest technology in biological and organic mosquito control methods we can customize an organic compliant program for your home. Using biological traps we can greatly reduce mosquito populations, our unique approach to organic mosquito management we can incorporate organic mosquito baits to give you a virtual mosquito-free yard.

Organic Lawn Spray

With a combination of natural botanical essentials oil blends, we can provide you control of most lawn pests like chinch bugs and armyworms that can damage your lawn.



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