Natural NON Toxic Eco Friendly Home Pest Control Spray Service

Do you currently have a tradition pesticide monthly pest control spray service? Did you know you can replace it with a natural non toxic eco friendly home pest control spray service?

With no initial fees, no contracts and no contamination.

NaturePest offers natural non toxic eco friendly pest control spray service is FIFRA 25(b) exempt product minimum risk pesticide that won’t contaminate your home, unlike traditional synthetic insecticides we use a natural insecticide composed of natural plant oils like Rosemary oil and Thyme oil that controls most common household pest problems for non infestations.

Our non toxic insecticide is labeled to controls Ants, Bed bugs, Beettles, Bees, Clothes moths, Cockroaches , Crickets, Earwigs, Fleas, Firebrats, Ground-nesting wasps and bees, Hornets, House flies, Indianmeal moths, Kudzu bugs, Lice, Midges, Millipedes, Mites, Mosquitoes, Other pantry beetles & moths, Silverfish, Spiders, Springtails, Stable flies, Stink bugs, Ticks, Wasps, and Yellow jackets.

Our products is approved for use in and around structures such as commercial, industrial, right-of-ways, and golf courses, retail building, daycare, educational, health, hospitality, institutional and research facilities as well as, residential single family and multi-family dwellings, municipal and recreational. It can also be used on furniture and bedding. Transport vehicles, trucks, trailers, trains, rail cars, buses, boats, marine vessels and other cargo vessels.

It is organic compliant for use in agricultural, greenhouses and feed lots, food processing plants, including federally inspected.

For trees and shrubs to Adelgids, Aphids and their eggs, Armyworms, Bagworms, Beetles, Billbugs, Chinch bugs, Chiggers, Cutworms, Grasshoppers, Grubs, Japanese beetles. Lace Bugs, Mealybugs, Mole crickets, Mites, Scale insects, Sod webworms, Tent caterpillars, Thrips, and Whiteflies and their eggs. Lawns and gardens at an additional price.

This is a great for a one time spray service for those occasion invaders; it is not intended to control pest infestations or nesting problems of any kind. For those types of problems we recommend residential pest control service along with and initial service and the recommended follow ups. All flying insect control when applied directly to them, it is not intended to treat hives.