LadyBugs on Your Plants Could Be A Sign Of Pests

LadyBugs on Your Plants Could Be A Sign Of Pests

LadyBugs are beneficial insects on your plants and in your landscape they eat harmful insects such as scale so a LadyBugs on your plants could be a sign of pests.
LadyBugs on Your Plants Could Be A Sign Of Pests

LadyBugs the American name are also known as ladybirds these are insects beetle in the order Coleoptera and not bugs in the order of Hemiptera. Whats the difference? Ok you asked for it here is a link enjoy.

ladybird or ladybugs most are considered beneficial insects to humans because they eat other bad insects or plant pests a few are beetles such as the drug store beetle are pests.

When you see a lot of ladybugs on a plant it is a sure sign you have pests on that plant and they are looking for a meal.
LadyBugs eat whiteflies, mealybug, scale, aphids, mites and mildew, so you want them around your garden and you don’t want to kill them with insecticide sprays.

This is why we do not spray garden with insecticides as they kill every type of insect good and bad, if a spray is the only way to control a pest then we will spray to control the pest problem but the reality is it is unnecessary and very disruptive to the ecology of your landscape.

So why do most people spray gardens for pest control, for most is all they know to do and for most customers this is all they know so
everybody does it not knowing.

To others this is the cheapest service you can buy because all you have to do is fill up a tank with one products and go to town on pests without really having to know anything about insects, pests or plants.

At NaturePest we consider the people, pet, property, planet, plant and pest this is why use Natural pesticides that have a lower impact for all and Systemic Root Drench treatments that protect the plant and the beneficial insects with les contamination to your environment.

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