Insect Monitors Are A First Line of Defense Against Pests

Insect Monitors Are A First Line of Defense Against Pests

Contrary to popular belief pest control is not about chemical if it were anyone could control any pest problem but in the real world insect monitors are a first line of defense against pests.
Insect Monitors Are A First Line of Defense Against Pests

In any business or commercial property exterior preventive treatments are essential to controlling pests from entering the building but how do you know you have a pest infestation? Pest control monitors are our eyes when we are not there.

Whether you have a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly service depending whether it’s a home or 5 star hotel most people are not trained to spot serious pest problems before they get out of hand, so insect monitors trap insect whether crawling or flying to inform us of a potential infestation.

Numbers mean things if we trap a drain fly it could mean that there is a possible pest problem brewing and we need to find out if there is a possible filth fly infestation a monitor placed in a floor drain will alert us to this fact.

Pheromone monitors placed in food warehouses or supermarket will alert us to a possible meal moth infestation.
Monitors placed at the sides of garage doors will not only trap insects like roaches, ants mice even snakes attempting to enter the home through small gaps, holes and cracks.

In a commercial kitchen monitors are an essential part of an Integrated Pest Management program it is an early warning device to alert us of any potential German or American Roach problem.

As part of our Bed Bug Control Service monitors allow us to inspect and determine if we have gotten control of the bedbugs after the service fore weeks and months to come.
If you are attempting to perform your own pest control or are considering hiring a pest control professional insist they uses monitors.

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