Hotel Motel Lodging Hospitality Pest Control

Serving the hotel, motel and lodging facilities with the finest in eco friendly hospitality pest control since 2009. Your reputation is your brand and protecting it from roaches, rodents, ants, spiders and bed bug is our #1 priority.

Our NaturePest team is among the most highly trained in the industry to help you manage and prevent pest problems. As part of your IPM Integrated Pest Management Program we will use the lowest risk and exempt products to protect air and surfaces from the contamination of pests and pesticides.

Targeting pests where they live inside voids, in garbage rooms, kitchens baths, service rooms, mulch areas, trees, shrubs to eliminate nests and colonies.

We are among a few companies that have extensive experience using reduced risk products along with minimum risk FIFRA 25b Exempt products to protect patrons from pests and pesticide exposure indoor and outdoors.

Our 6 step process includes:

  • Inspections:

    To properly identify pests, harborage and condition leading to them.

  • Exclusion:

    By sealing and using exclusion products as caulk, foam, seals and mesh we prevent pests from entering the structure.

  • Sanitation:

    In communicating effectively with management and staff to correct and improve sanitation in key areas of the facility we can greatly reduce pests and the need for pesticides this is vital to being able to control pests.

  • Trapping:

    By using glue board, traps and monitors we catch pests and reduce pesticide exposure.

  • Treating:

    Using reduced risk products such as baits, non toxic dusts, and procedures crack and crevice, void, and spot treatments we can effectively control pests with less pesticide and exposure.

  • Monitoring:

    This is the most important aspect of pest control without we cannot know if our products and procedure are working properly so frequent monitoring and inspection of high pressure and susceptible areas is vital to the success of any pest control program.

We also provide lawn, garden and palm tree service making NaturePest you complete hospitality pest control service company.