Millipede Control

Millipede Control
Millipede Control

Millipede Control in Florida

Millipede control in South Florida homes and gardens is as common as ants and roaches, they do not cause damage to homes, furniture or pose a health threat, but they are unsightly and frightening to most people.

Since millipedes are not insects because they do not belong the class of insecta instead they are of the class of Diplopoda, you might say to yourself and why do I care. Because insecticides are for insects and while most work to control true insects like ants, roaches and fleas.

Millipedes have a different biology and habits that prevents them from being controlled like insects with insecticides.

Millipede Habitat

Millipedes love to live in cool, damp places normally found in most gardens, places like those found under rocks and stones, mulch, compost heaps, piles of grass, and brick pavers.

Millipedes at certain time of the year start to migrate from their regular living places into your living spaces; they will start appearing in places where they become an annoyance, inside window wells, patios, garages and other places. This coming out is often combined with cool weather or after periods of heavy rains.

In order to control millipedes in an eco friendly you have to modify the habitat that enables them to live and breed effectively. If you are a naturalist and don’t mind the millipedes as they are beneficial insects, then please completely ignore these suggestions and you will create the perfect habitat for them.

Thing you can do for natural millipede control

For those of you that find them completely disgusting then please perform the following in order to reduce their population.

Do not allow mulch to pile up above 4 inches, Do not re-mulch over old mulch, Remove the old mulch at least once a year to avoid mulch from breaking down and decomposing creating the perfect habitat. Pesticide sprays will never penetrate the much to get down to where the millipedes are breeding they will only control those that travel out and walk across the treated areas.

Do not allow leaves to pile up and decompose on your property, remove all leaf piles from under shrubs every time you perform a landscaping service.

If possible do not mulch or plant shrubs up against the home or property as you will be creating a breeding ground up against your home where they can crawl up the walls and into windows and doors.

Control your irrigation, if you are watering to often then that allows all types of bugs to be around your property. By properly irrigating you can reduce nuisance insects, conserve water and save money on water, time and chemicals.

Other Millipede Control Solutions

A traditional barrier spray for Millipede control around your home windows and doors can provide additional protection against occasional invaders like millipedes to prevent them from entering your home.

If have performed all the preventive and environmental modifications or have tried to millipede control yourself and cannot control millipedes, then pleases call us so we can institute an integrated Millipede management program for your home or business.

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