Need a basic economical commercial preventive pest control and rodent service with no set up fees or initial service fee for your commercial office park, office building, HOA, apartment building, shopping centers and strip malls.

This is a great program that can save you hundreds even thousands of dollars per year and provide a basic protection for tenants that rent or own their units but provide their own pest control under their lease agreement or provide targeted indoor pest control services on a need basis.

Since most pest problems originate from the outside an outdoor only pest control program can help prevent pest infestations from large roaches, rats, mice and ants while reducing the need to contaminate the indoor environment with pesticides.

The basic service provides an one foot exterior perimeter broad spectrum insecticide spray application once a month around the entire structure.

Rodent control services are provided by placing exterior rodent bait stations along the exterior perimeter of the building inspected and maintained on a monthly basis.

Best of all its on a month to month basis with no set or initial fees with no long term contract cancel anytime.

Service is intended to help prevent pests from entering structure and is not intended to eliminate current pest infestations in the structure, nor treat or prevent pests from being introduced via cargo or products brought in.

Service excludes sealing, exclusion, trapping, flies, mosquitoes, German roaches, carpenter ants, or any other flying insect, wood destroying organism or vertebrate pest.

Service is not intended to replace IPM Integrated Pest Management in facilities which includes inspection, exclusion, monitoring, baiting, crack and crevice, and spot treatments.

For a complete commercial facilities pest management program give us a call to schedule an inspection and consultation.

See terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations.