While others are buzzing around claiming to be green, natural and organic we at NaturePest are proving we are the greener pest control company.
Greener Pest Control

  1. IPM Integrated Pest Management the most natural way to control pests.
  2. low toxicity minimum risk targeted products.
  3. FIFRA 25b exempt products.
  4. Less spraying to protect everyone and everything from unnecessary pollution.
  5. Low emissions vehicles in our fleet.
  6. Less water up to 90% less traditional spray companies.
  7. Manual and low voltage battery powered electric equipment lowering noise and emissions pollution.
  8. Software to eliminate paper and save trees.
  9. Less indoor pesticides up 1000% less than with traditional pest control methods.
  10. Lower pesticide usage outdoor with up to 66% less pounds of active ingredients than traditional services.

Greener Pest Control Through IPM

Integrated Pest Management IPM is the most natural and effective way to control and prevent pests and reduce pesticide use and exposure by focusing on preventing the pest infestation through a complete understanding of each insects biology including feeding, breeding, nesting habits to exclude and control them naturally in the least toxic way possible via habitat modification and baiting for eliminate the colony vs. relying on chemicals only sprays that only kill pests after they have invaded the property and only kills those pests that come in contact with the pesticide while exposing everyone to unnecessary chemicals.

Greener Pest Control With Less Tovixity

Using low toxicity and minimal risk products responsibly to target only the pest and protect people, pets, beneficial, pollinators, fish, wild animals, ground water, air, soil, and bodies of water from pollution and contamination. By using baits and other products to target only specific pests in precise locations, with very low concentrations with these already reduced toxicity products we can protect your health and the environment .

Greener Pest Control With Greener Products

The use of FIFRA 25b Exempted products that contain natural oils and botanical extracts that are exempted by the EPA from registration because of thier very low toxicity to people and the environment we can control and repel pests from your property with even lower toxicity.

Greener Pest Control Through Greener Procedures

Through the use of proprietary procedures and processes and with such as root delivery system we reduce overall pesticide exposure by reducing the amount and frequency of outdoor chemical pesticides spray applications with fewer applications per year.

Greener Pest Control With Greener Vehicles

We are not just green because we use a green products and procedures we are green from the ground up utilizing low fuel consuming low emissions vehicles that give at least 17 mpg combined when compared to huge trucks. By having a proprietary system we can provide 3 services in one small van or truck reducing the amount of vehicles on the road reducing our carbon footprint.

Greener Pest Control Through Water Conservation

Water conservation in providing our services is also reduced by up to 90% in our operations through our proprietary processes we can reduce the average amount of water used per day per, per property from the average 600 gallons per day to round 60 gallons per day per vehicle.

Greener Pest Control With Greener Equipment

Our application equipment is also green from manual to battery operated equipment lowering the noise and emissions pollutants that are emitted by traditional spray rigs.

Greener Pest Control Through Software

Software has always played a huge role in our green process from reducing to eliminating the use of paper for invoicing, statement, reports, work order to the efficiency of routing software that reduces fuel consumption thus reducing emissions through better rout planning.

To us green is not a trendy or politically correct term, it’s who we are green is not in the products its in the people.

We have not yet achieved all that we have set out to do but we have taken vital first steps in this marathon to protect, people, property and planet.