3 Simple Ways To Control Carpenter Ants

What are the Best Methods for Controlling Carpenter Ants in a Specific Location like Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

When it comes to controlling carpenter ants in a specific location like Fort Lauderdale, Florida, it’s crucial to use effective ant extermination methods. This may include using baits, sealing entry points, and eliminating moisture sources. Professional pest control services can also provide targeted solutions for long-term control.

3 Simple Ways To Control Carpenter Ants

In Florida we have two main Carpenter ants Camponotus floridanus and Camponotus tortuganus here are 3 Simple ways to control carpenter ants. 3 Simple Ways To Control Carpenter Ants 1 Stop using a spray service or spraying your property to control carpenter ants, this is futile and creates a vicious cycle that will never really control carpenter ants. 2 Find the nests, the easiest way to find carpenter ant nests is at night when they come out to feed, about one hour before sundown and one hour after sundown. Get a flash light and walk around your property looking for ant trails, this is not easy because it requires patience to locate the nest. You will have to go around your property for about 2 hours or more to locate where they are coming out of. I have customers that have lived with carpenter ants for years and paying for repeat spray applications that did not control them, simply because the technicians came during the day. Not knowing where they are coming out of because they did not take the time required to locate the nest. Nests can be in walls, ceilings, eaves, crawl spaces, up in trees or on a neighbors property and even in entire neighborhoods. 3 Selecting the right product and technique. Once you locate the nest or nests selecting the right product is essential to eliminating interior nests and those that might be up in a tree even if it’s on your neighbors property, baits are far more effective at getting control than sprays. For nest inside wall you can inject the void or area with Alpine foam it is a reduced risk pesticide that is a non repellent non detectable active ingredient by the carpenter ant them to transport it back to the nest killing the entire nest. With Alpine foam there is no mixing it is a ready to use foam that is injected into the nesting area. For carpenter ants in the exterior that cannot be traced you can perform a perimeter treatment with a granular bait such as tht of a natural source boric acid like Intice 10 or Maxforce Complete. You apply a the product around the home perimeter and the fence line perimeter. Repeat application of multiple products may be required to get a reduction and control over several weeks or months.

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