Determining if there is a heavy American roach infestation.

On today’s edition of Naturepest DIY: this is how we determine if there is a heavy American roach infestation. Support Us On Patreon: Site: Group Page Business Page:

How to Remove Those little bugs hanging on the walls of your garage (Plaster bagworms) with a vacuum or brush: Naturepest Tutorial.

On today’s edition, it’s plaster bagworms. Little worms (inside a cocoon they build) that feed of of bacteria on your garage walls. There is no chemical treatment for these worms. This kind of integrated pest control involves simple hygiene. That is, physical removal with a vacuum or brush. #naturalpestcontrol #pestcontrol #pestcontrolmiami PestgeekFacebook Group…

On today’s edition, trying to do lawn care during rainy season. The challenges of doing lawn care in 100 degree Miami summer weather.This is one of the many difficulties of integrated pest management and organic natural pest control. Today’s takeaway, it’s better to be 80% effective today rather than 50% effective later. #naturalpestcontrol #pestcontrol #pestcontrolmiami…

Getting A Rodent Exclusion Wrong Is Tandem To Not Doing It at All: Naturepest Inspection

A poorly executed attempt at rodent exclusion. On today’s edition, we examine clearly visible gaps that will allow easy rodent intrusion. The inevitable takeaway is that getting it wrong is tandem to not doing it all! #naturalpestcontrol #pestcontrol #pestcontrolmiami #DIYpestcontrol #rodentexclusion Pestgeek Facebook Group FaceBook Itunes Linkedin…

Inspection of a Podocarpus, also commonly known as a Podocarpus Macrophyllus

On today’s edition, a few tips on growing and caring for a Podocarpus. Join us for a routine inspection of a Podocarpus, also commonly known as a Podocarpus Macrophyllus. This species also goes by the names fern pine, yew plum pine, and Buddhist pine. #naturalpestcontrol #pestcontrol #pestcontrolmiami PestgeekFacebook Group

A Caution Before Installing XCLUDER X2 Bottom Door Seal System.

Sealing off gaps in your garage is priority. The right Rodent exclusion is a key component of Integrated Pest Control. On today’s edition, Stephen Vantassel shares his experience having an Xcluder door seal system installed. #naturalpestcontrol #pestcontrol #pestcontrolmiami PestgeekFacebook Group